Inclement Weather Policy
Student Rules
Carroll Academy Grade Scale Student Dress Code
Van Rules
Baby Think It Over Program
"Basic" Level System

Inclement Weather Policy

If the county in which you reside announces that their schools are closed due to weather, you will not be required to attend school at Carroll Academy. If the schools in your county are open but the Carroll County schools are closed, there will be no school at Carroll Academy. If your county announces that the schools will be dismissing early, Carroll Academy will be dismissing that county early also. Parents will be responsible for being alert to the situation and should be prepared to transport their children accordingly.

Student Rules

Violation of these rules will bring forth disciplinary action and/or dismissal from the Carroll Academy Day Treatment Program.

  1. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Classes begin at 8:30am. Three tardies to school will result in being dropped to level one and beginning the program over at day one.
  2. No unexcused absences! A Professional Services Excuse Form with a return to school date is required. All unexcused absences will result in a detention.
  3. Profanity and/or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  4. No smoking or smoking paraphernalia will be allowed. Daily unannounced searches will be conducted and any contraband will be confiscated permanently.
  5. No disrespect to staff or visitors will be tolerated.
  6. Restroom breaks are scheduled and will be adhered to unless a medical excuse is provided.
  7. No food, drink, gum, candy, etc. will be allowed unless specific permission has be given to you by the director.
  8. No personal phone calls or visitors to or from Carroll Academy unless specific permission has been given to you by the director.
  9. Early afternoon dismissal must meet prior approval by the director or principal, and the student may only leave with the parent or guardian.
  10. No horseplay or personal contact of any kind is allowed. The student will not strike or otherwise physically harm himself or another student while at Carroll Academy.
  11. No writing on or damaging desks, walls, or any property at Carroll Academy. If any property is damaged, the parent and/or student will be financially responsible.
  12. No operating or touching any equipment unless under staff supervision. The staff’s chairs and desks are private and should not be used by students.
  13. Getting assistance or being excused from a desk will require raising one’s hand, being acknowledged and then given permission by a staff member.
  14. Students must stay together as a group when participating in any outside activities.
  15. Conduct in the lunchroom and or classrooms must be appropriate at all times.
  16. No weapons of any kind-including but not limited to the following: guns, knives, explosives, chemicals, and or sharp or dangerous objects used or displayed in a threatening manner.
  17. Students will not have in their possession alcohol, illicit drugs, or toxic substances. The only approved medication is one that a doctor has prescribed and is ordered for four or more times per day. It must be brought in the correct prescription bottle with a current label and must be given to the van driver immediately upon entering the van. All medications will be self-administered with supervision of a Carroll Academy staff. Over the counter medications will not be administered if brought from home, they will be disposed of properly. No cough drops or throat spray etc.
  18. The staff may at their discretion require a student to A) submit to drug screening B) search the student and his /her belongings and confiscate any contraband found.
  19. Students must abide by the dress code.
  20. 2No electronic devices are to be brought to school. (Beepers, phones, CD’s, radios, walkie-talkies etc.) These items will be confiscated and will be returned at staff discretion.
  21. Students can not have ink pens or mechanical pencils, these will be confiscated and not returned. Only a wooden pencil that can be sharpened may be used.
  22. Students can not have back packs, book bags, purses, etc at Carroll Academy. These will be confiscated unless specific permission has been given by the director.
  23. Students can not have more than $1.10 in their possession. Any amount over $1.10 will be confiscated and turned into the court. If you owe any court costs this money will go toward that.

Carroll Academy Grade Scale

A=94-100F=Below 70

Student Dress Code
Neat dress is desirable at all times. When, in the opinion of the principal, director, or staff member, a student is not properly dressed or exhibits grooming which is detrimental to the school environment, appropriate action shall be taken.

  1. All students are expected to wear uniforms consisting of a white button-up shirt and black slacks or black jeans with a belt that fits at the waist (absolutely no sagging) and in length which falls at the top of the shoe. No writing, pictures, etc. on the clothing. No shorts or cargo pants. Shoes must be tied appropriately, and belts are required for every level.
  2. All students are expected to wear clothing properly. Slacks/jeans are to be worn at the waist with a belt, and shirts must be tucked in regardless of level. Attire must be appropriate, not too tight nor suggestive in any manner.
  3. No hats or sunglasses should be worn at school. Hats/caps will be confiscated and destroyed. Students will not be allowed to carry any keys in their pockets.
  4. Garments with decorations, patches, lettering advertisements, etc. are not to be worn to school. This includes any accessory with any type of concert logo, drug emblem, gang connotations, tobacco products, beer, wine, or any type of alcoholic beverage advertisement.
  5. Transparent and/or see through material is inappropriate.
  6. Clothing with holes is not suitable attire.
  7. 1.Students must wear hair in a neat and nondisruptive manner. Bangs must be at least a half inch above the eyebrows. GIRLS ONLY Ponytails are allowed if they are pulled back neatly. If they are perceived as disruptive, you will have to remove them. Only your natural hair color is permitted. At no time should you change your hair color. BOYS ONLY Hair must not exceed the collar of a crew neck shirt.
  8. Girls will not be allowed to wear make-up until they have reached level 4. No make-up, including Chap Stick, should be brought to school at any time. Girls on level 4 may wear make-up only on Fridays. Girls on level 5 may wear make-up each day. Excessive make-up will be removed at staff’s request regardless of level.
  9. Only students on level 5 will be allowed to wear jewelry. Level 4 may wear appropriate jewelry on Fridays only. These students will not be allowed to wear any nose rings, tongue rings, etc. No more than two earrings (stud earrings only) may be worn by females. Any student not on level 5 wearing jewelry or upper level whose jewelry is considered inappropriate will have it confiscated by security and it will not be given back until the student graduates. The jewelry will not be returned to the students only to the parents and will be held for 90 days following graduation. If the jewelry isn’t picked up, it will then be discarded.
  10. Students must keep their fingernails well trimmed and neat. Males and Females may be asked to trim their nails at staff discretion.
  11. Basketball players may only wear Jaguar apparel on game days at the coach’s discretion.

If a student is concerned about the appropriateness of a garment, he/she would do best by not wearing it. If a student is inappropriately dressed or not in the correct uniform, we will contact his/her parents to bring the appropriate clothing for the day. If this can’t be arranged, we will take the appropriate steps necessary to reconcile the dress code violation.

Van Rules

  1. All School rules apply on the van.
  2. Seat belts must be worn properly at all times.
  3. Seat belts stay on until the van stops completely at your stop.
  4. Doors should always be kept closed when the van is moving.
  5. The rear door must always be kept closed.
  6. Windows should only be opened with staff permission.
  7. Stay in assigned seats.
  8. Talk in a normal voice tone and volume.
  9. Keep your hands to yourself.
  10. Use only appropriate language and gestures.
  11. Do not throw anything.
  12. The radio and other controls are to be operated by staff only.
  13. Leave other people's seat belts alone.
  14. Do not climb over van seats.
  15. No student will be transported to or from another student's home.
  16. When a student is brought to school by means other than the Carroll Academy van, the person bringing him/her must report to security each time and sign in.

Any student refusing to follow rules will be brought back to Carroll Academy and parents will be requested to pick them up. There will be a charge of $2.00 per mile round trip if we have to make a special trip to transport your child to school.

Baby Think It Over Program

The Baby Think It Over Program will require students to be the sole caretaker of the infant simulator, whose sounds replicate those of an infant. The experience is intended to demonstrate the full time commitment required for parenting an infant.

Real Care Baby will require care throughout the day and night. When Baby cries, it will be the responsibility of the student to attend to the Baby’s needs.

Baby’s crying and need for care may cause students to lose sleep and possibly disturb other family members. Lack of sleep may cause drowsiness. Students should not drive or put themselves in dangerous situations while drowsy. Students will not be allowed to sleep or doze during class. Doing so will result in consequences from Carroll Academy staff.

Students, and/or parent or guardians will be financially responsible for any damage to the infant simulator or to any of the equipment/clothing associated with the infant simulator.

IStudents agree to reimburse Carroll Academy up to $600.00 for any damage to the infant simulator, and any equipment/clothing that is issued with it.

"Basic" Level System

At Carroll Academy, our goal is to help every youth that enters our program to succeed. This involves success in the community, in the school, in the home and also within the individual. We feel that in order to make that a possibility for all youth, the BASICS have to be taught. It is the responsibility of the youth to learn the skills offered and put them into practice.

Level 1 is considered the Beginning level. Expectations of this level are minimal. Show respect and meet requirements as listed on the expectation page.

Level 2 is considered the Acceptance level. At this point, we believe that the student should be accepting his/her need to be at Carroll Academy and be able to recognize the reasons for placement in our program. Level 2 builds on the expectations and privileges of Level 1.

Level 3 is considered the Stability level. By this time, we believe that a student’s behavior should have stabilized. He/she should be actively working in treatment on issues and should be complying with the program rules (to include participation in classes and completion of all schoolwork). Level 3 builds on the
expectations and privileges of Levels 1 and 2.
Level 4 is considered the Initiation level. At this time, we expect the student to initiate problem-solving, anger management and behavior control on his/her own. The student is asked to actively participate in treatment as well as be able to initiate the discussion of issues within treatment (this includes day treatment and individual therapy). Level 4 builds on the expectations and privileges of Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Level 5 is considered the Competency level. This is the highest level at Carroll Academy. In order for a student to remain on Level 5, he/she must be exhibiting competency in the areas of anger management, problem-solving, positive self-esteem, role modeling, controlling behavior and communicating.

Graduation from Carroll Academy will occur when all Level 5 requirements have been met. The student must have completed all treatment goals and present to the case management team what the student has learned, positive behavioral and personal changes and goals upon release. The student must have a written plan that details how he/she intends to follow through with goals and how success can be maintained. This plan should include a list of positive leisure or recreational activities and a support system. It is our hope that the student will re-enter the public school system and the community with pride, self-confidence and willingness to do well.
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